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Company Story

Carolina Racing Supply, Inc. was established in 1999 for the purpose of supplying racers with affordable components in pursuit of their passion. We originally opened in a rented 3000 sq ft facility and focused on taking care of the local racers. Our aim was to provide the best customer service in the area!

After success in the early years, we relocated to a new, larger facility in 2007. Much of our success can be attributed to the development of our own line of products known as TomCat Performance. Much as we began our business to supply racers with quality, affordable pieces, TomCat Performance is our dedication to both racers and a nationwide network of dealers who demand an ever-increasing quality in parts without the associated increase in price. Those who design, create, and inspire our products are usually racers themselves and have many years of experience in their fields.

By putting our products to test on short tracks across the country every week, we are able to demonstrate our commitment to success. We are proud to be a part of 2-time IMCA SuperNationals Champion Kyle Strickler’s winning program. Charlotte, North Carolina is widely known as the center of the stock-car racing universe in North America, and Carolina Racing Supply is part of that community. By virtue of our proximity to and friendship with some of the top minds in NASCAR and other series, we are able to incorporate race-winning technology that the world sees on Sundays into parts and components for short track racers to use on Friday and Saturday nights


We wouldn't be able to fully describe our company to you without bragging about our great staff of racing professionals. We have a diverse group - some have worked for industry leaders, such as Speedway Motors and Port City Racing, and some are racers - our experience is second to none! Today, twenty years later, our goal is still the same - we want to sell quality products at the best price possible. Thanks for giving us a try, and we look forward to a long and lasting relationship.


Carolina Racing Supply is proud to be a sponsor of IMCA (International Motor Contest Association.)